Ordering Process in Purchasing Custom Military Coins

Memorabilia like custom military coins are important for people who worked in this field. Owning these coins is a sign of their pride in their profession and a homage to sacrifices done by their fellow soldiers for the country while on duty. In ordering these coins, buyers want to know the ordering process to set their expectations.

Design generation

Coming up with designs is the first step in ordering customized coins. Buyers can opt to send their preferred designs or let the service provider generate one for them. Graphic artists may present the usual design of specific military branch’s insignias or create a new one according to clients’ requirements. A client may discuss his perceived output after designing. Designers will then create the design according to the received details.

In many cases, some buyers want to personalize the design according to their troops’ characteristics by using other design features. Clients must then provide their own designs for the designer to work on. Even if they wish to recreate an old design, buyers must also provide a reference copy to the designer where he will base the coin’s style.

Selecting coin shape

The term coins leave an impression of being circular in shape. However, custom military coins may come in various shapes like polygon, dog tag, and square shapes. Coin makers will punch out these shapes from the usual round coin and deliver as ordered by clients.

Choosing metal style and finish

custom military coinsMetal styles and finishes make coins special. Metal types range from gold, copper, silver, nickel and others, which give coins their valuable style. Finishes will refine the designs buyers want to attain in obtaining these memorabilia. Finishes come in polished and antique coats. Polished finishes bring out shine on coins, which make them look brand new. On the other hand, antique finishes make the coin look older, which also has its own style value.

Select additional coin options

Additional coin options range from embellishments and attachments that differentiate one cone from others. Custom military coins can have keychain attachments, diamond cut edges, and custom inserts among others. Engravings can be requested, particularly if coins are gift for special recipients.

After selecting all the coin elements, the buyer can send the details to the service provider for quotation and prepare their budget for payment.

Add-on also include packaging choices as required by clients. Clients can go simple with usual PVC pouch packaging, which is usually available for free, or settle with more elegant packaging like velvet present box or coin case. The latter options may cost more, but their appearance alone makes them work investing.

Design proof and approval

If the buyer approves of the quoted amount, he will receive a design proof for the approval. The client will then check the design proof and approve if the design meets his expectation.

If the client is unimpressed, he can ask for revision until he is satisfied with the design output. Approval will also mean the client has to pay for the coins while the service provider prepares for production.

Manufacturing and delivery

The service provider can start manufacturing custom military coins immediately after design approval and payment. Manufacturing often takes around two to three weeks. By this time, the client should receive the coins complete with add-ons previously selected in the ordering process.

Ordering custom military coins is easy, particularly through a coin maker that provides vital information a buyer may need while shopping around. This will set the buyer’s expectations and be more confident in ordering these valuable items. With a reliable coin maker, clients can expect top caliber coins made from premium materials and crafted by skilled designers.

10 Important Traits of a Good Internet Marketing Consultant

Internet marketing is growing more and more popular nowadays because of its many benefits. It is convenient, time-effective, and it has a broad and global reach. It is also relatively cheaper than print and TV ads. So, to strengthen your brand recognition and name, you can hire a good internet marketing consultant.But, not all internet marketers are the same.

Here are the top 10 most important traits of a good internet marketing consultant :

1. Excellent Analytical Skills

What separate the great internet marketers from the good ones are their analytical skills. The best internet marketers have excellent analytical skills. They can easily spot trends. They can also easily identify your potential customer’s needs. For example, good SEO consultants will first study the top keywords in your niche and will determine which one has reasonable traffic. They can also easily spot the keywords that would have great conversion rates.

2. Great Problem Solving Skills

A good internet marketing consultant will take time to study your current structure and identify the right problem to solve. He/she will also take time to analyze the problem and come up with different solutions before choosing the best one. He/she will also evaluate the effectiveness of his/her solution after its implementation to maximize the success of his/her clients.

3. Competitiveness

seoGreat internet marketers take time to study your competition. They conduct comparative studies to find ways how to beat your competitors. They also study your competitor’s best marketing practice.

4. Creativity

The best internet marketers have solid graphic design and copywriting skills. So, in choosing the right internet marketing consultant for your ad campaign, you must choose the one who’s artistic. Choose the one who thinks out of the box. You must also choose the one who looks for better ways to promote your service, products, or website.

5. Commitment

Great internet marketers have burning passion and commitment to what they do. They would do whatever it takes to make the ad successful.

6. Hard Working

Good internet marketers are will to go an extra mile for their clients. They don’t mind staying up late or working on weekends just to get the job done.

7. Efficiency

Great internet marketers deliver great results at a short period of time. Although they are hardworking and they are willing to work outside office hours to deliver the results, they also find ways to quickly and efficiently do things to save time.

8. Passion for Lifelong Learning

Good marketers are aware that the dynamics and rules in internet marketing frequently changes so they keep themselves updated. They read books, they attend seminars, and even pick up the best practices of their competitors.

9. Great Listening Skills

Good internet marketing consultants take time to listen to their clients. They take time to understand your perspective and your needs and they incorporate those ideas and needs to their marketing strategy.

10. Results- oriented

Some internet marketers are more focused on the process and not on the results. If you want to get the best value for your money, you have to hire someone who is driven by results.

11. Experience

There are a lot of amazing newbies nowadays. But, the most amazing internet marketers are those who have years of experience.

12. Great customer Service

You’ll be working with your internet consultant for days and even months, so, pick the one who has great personality. Choose a marketing consultant who’s willing to walk you through the whole ad campaign. Pick the one who’s willing to answer your questions and the one who’s willing to accommodate your request.

Hiring a great internet marketing consultant is essential in the success of your campaign. So, you have to choose the right one.

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Most Common Printed Circuit Board Design Software

A printed circuit board, commonly abbreviated as PCB, is a special board usually made of resin or fiberglass, which acts as a physical support for any circuit board. A printed circuit board has etches on its surface, which serves as pathways for electrical current, replacing bulky wires and cords that usually takes up spaces inside any electronic device. The idea for this board started in 1825, as Charles Ducas of America submitted a patent for a device that requires the creation of an electrical path on an insulated surface. The idea was put into action a little later, in 1943, when a certain Dr. Paul Eisler, created an operational printed circuit board, the first of its kind since it was put into paper in 1825.

In making a printed circuit board, the layout of the electrical path is very important. This will ensure that the circuit board will function properly. Some PCBs are designed by hand while some use computer software to aid them in illustrating the path of electric current they want to put in their boards. Assuming that we are not artistically gifted, here are some of the most common computer software we can use to create a PCB. And these are free and can be downloaded online.

PCBsFirst on the list is a program called ZenitPCB. This is considered as one of the most excellent printed circuit board layout design software that can aid anyone in creating a professional looking PCB. It is also user friendly and flexible computer Aided Design (CAD) program which can help you see how your project will look like in a short span of time. This is completely free, and is created for personal or semi professional use only. It is limited to 800 pins which serves as the borderline between professional and semi professional use of PCB design software.

The second most common PCB design software is called Free PCB. This one is made for Microsoft Windows. It is an open source program, meaning it can be modified or enhanced by anyone. This software is easy to learn therefore making it easier to use while providing a professional looking result.

Some of its features are as follows:

• It is a design software that can make layouts from 1 to 16 copper layers

• It has an auto save function which ensures that your project is saved no matter what

• It can create a layout for a board as big as 60 inches by 60 inches.

• It uses English or metric system of measurement

• It has a design rule checker (just like a spell check in MS Word only this time it checks if the design follows certain rules and suggest alternate designs if needed to)

Another free PCB design software is called Tiny CAD. Do not be confused with the name. The name may be tiny but this software can do a lot of huge things for us. This program can help one illustrate the circuit’s diagram. A decoder is also provided to help you understand the symbols in the pattern created so that you can work on your board right away. You can print your design immediately or you can post it on the web for others to use. If you decide to post it online, all you need to do is copy-paste the design in a Word document and save the created plan as a PNG bitmap.

Last on the list is Osmond PCB. This design software is created for Macintosh computers. This software has a virtually unlimited board sizes as well as a number of board layers. This means you can design a board of any size or shape with as many layers as you want.