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It is noticeable that in every year or generation, there will always be a trend set by a sector in society. An example of this are the crop tops in the 90s which made a comeback in today’s fashion. Peplum skirts which were the thing in the late 80s made a reappearance almost two years ago. However, there are certain things that do not have to disappear and appear again to be relevant; one of these things is the lanyard.

Neck LanyardsOf course, when an item is made simple and useful at the same time, it does not have to worry about its importance in the future. One good thing about the lanyard is that it has different designs to cater varying needs. Some are short and can be held in the hand; there are also lanyards used industrially or by mountaineers, and others are specifically made for carrying electronic devices. Still, the most commonly used are neck lanyards, and even they have variations too!

Neck lanyards are everywhere. A ten year old kid who received his first phone will ask his mom to buy him a lanyard to go with it. The kid will probably choose a design along the lines of Japanese animé which will not be hard to find. The mother relents to her child’s desire, since it is utilitarian and will also help her child keep a close tab on the new phone. A freshman who just entered the university just got his ID picture taken immediately after enrolment. The school sells their own stocks of neck lanyardsadorned with the school name, design, and logo. Of course, the freshman picks one that mostpleases the eyes yet still manages to makes it known what school he is in. These are some of the uses of a neck lanyard, and they will always be universally relevant.

Why is this so? It is because it is marketed towards an audience that will always be there. Lanyards were invented before electronics but were also made to suit such items. Electronics will remain, as will lanyards that come along with it. Most of the cellphones and players released nowadays have their own original lanyard bundled with other accessories. Even manufacturers have identified and met the need for a simple holding string. Additionally, students are not the only ones who use an identification card and they are also not the only ones who espouse the need for a neck lanyard; office workers have the need for it too. This is where the use of the neck lanyard overcomes its boundaries, moving from one sector into another.

Unlike the crop top in the 90s, its resurgence in today’s fashion is also marked with an obsession with body figure. Everyone can wear a crop top if they have the desire to, but the ugly truth is, not everyone wants to or has the guts to. The peplum skirt is a nice revival that made its second debut with florals and whatnot. But magazines and various fashion “gurus” have their own lists of what body type peplum skirts are made for, and thus, dictates what the populace must wear. In the case of neck lanyards, there’s no pressure involved in abiding by such rules. The only guidance one has with regards to this product is his or her personal taste, and that is the beauty of it.

Neck lanyards were made for everybody. These remarkable accessories may be worn regardless of one’s body size, shape, gender, and culture. This is why it is a good invention – one that will always be relevant to all.

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