Things to Consider to Become a Motivational Speaker

Being a motivational speaker does not solely rely on education alone, although this can be a contributing factor. There really is nothing outlined in the book for anyone wanting to pursue a speaking profession. Anyone from any background can enter the field, however not everyone who dives into the industry can become successful.

So what things do you need to consider to becoming a motivational speaker?


People who have college degrees and relevant certification will definitely have an advantage when it comes to knowledge about topics that are related to their fields of study. If the aim is to motivate people to invest, anyone with business and financial degrees essentially has an edge in discussing his ideas. But that does not guarantee a great impact from the people if the speech delivery is not clear, interesting and motivating.

Some speakers made their way to fame by sharing their first hand experience in life such as winning the battle over a disease. By going through such challenge in life, they have accumulated wisdom that has taken them from the pits of life’s despair to success. Basically, that alone can strengthen their capability to motivate.

Motivational speakerIn some cases, nurturing and improving what they have by continuously educating themselves in speaking career is also a great way to build experience. Attending writing seminars, public speaking classes and even taking motivational speaking training give avenues to would-be motivational speakers to gain knowledge and enhance their skills.

When we say experience, it also includes speaking at local events in the community, school and charity institutions and working their way to invitations with low fees. Although the financial aspect is tight in this phase, it is a great learning ground to build connections with possible clients, learning where to improve and building your confidence in public speaking.

Communication Skills.

Proficiency in writing and speaking skills are the key points in being an effective speaker. If you think you are low on these skills, there are a lot of options like classes, online learning and seminars you can attend to polish your writing and speaking abilities. There are certification programs conducted to specifically improve your skills in this profession. You will learn the techniques to establishing your stage presence and staying on point while holding the attention of the entire crowd.

There are clubs and organizations you can join that will not only build you connections but also guide you to becoming a great speaker. Since members are all speakers like you, this is a good way to obtain objective and concise feedback.

If you really want to be great at being a motivational speaker, you have to invest in yourself. Even if it means attending classes in colleges or online to get better in both writing and speaking.

Technical Knowledge.

Technology plays a great part in having our message across a wide range of audience. This does not only involve your familiarity with using microphones, operating printers for your handouts, or utilizing laptops and projector for your PowerPoint presentation. These are just the basic technical knowledge you must already have.

With the advent of social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, the audience and clients you need are basically just at the tip of your fingertips. You need to tap these resources to be a successful speaker. Who would listen to you? You can upload videos of your speeches from before. People can share it online through different social media channels. If you haven’t noticed it yet, it is way easier to build followers through these online platforms nowadays.

In order to attract audience and build connections, your online presence as a motivational speaker is necessary.